About - Priyanga T. Kumarasiri

Producer/Owner at Crew For Shoots
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Priyanga T. Kumarasiri

Priyanga has over 15 years of experience in film production industry. His carrier started as Programmer/Web Developer and then CG Artist then finally switching to Production as Assistant Director. He has been on location with over 100 of foreign productions as 1st and 2nd AD. Then switching his target to be a Producer by starting his own Service Production company "Crew For shoots" in year 2006.

His Assistant Director DNA is still active as Even today Priyanga is on set all the time.

my job experience, TV Commercials and Feature Films

(Sri Lankan Crew)

Dream Hotel Sri Lanka. - 2nd AD

Julia - 1st AD

Maya Temple - Far From Hollywood, Denmark
Sharwoods - Independent UK & BangBang Film (Mumbai)
Airtel - Ramesh Deo Productions, India
Kiren Tea - Tohokushinsha Film Corporation (TFC), Japan
Parachute Hair Oil - Eye-Squad, Dubai
AXA Insurance - Rattling Sticks, UK

ICC World Cup T20 Song, Pakistan

Experince based on Job Title

  • Producer - TV Commercials 80%
  • Assistant Director - TV Commercials 20%