about the crew

We are film location service provider in Sri Lanka & Maldives

we are service provider

Although production house's service offerings are somewhat similar, the strong point of our mission is the distinctive experience. It is not only on a set or in a meeting, but in every gesture that matters for smoother production.

Our offer is simple and clear: provide a true integrated production service. Our extensive experience in international production as a provider of services is recognized by our peers. We have the structure and experience to serve you across the Asia. Recognized for our responsiveness, we quickly take your needs, your requests and your expectations.
We have produced for many such countries France, Netherland, Germany, UK, India, Pakistan, Australia, Singapore and the United States, and this, with among the most renowned and demanding directors.

why choose CFS

Crew For Shoots is a friendly, personal boutique production facilitation company. Our philosophy is to provide an all-round fabulous filming experience, from initial quote through pre-production, and post if required. We'll find and facilitate the right locations for your project and budget, and provide one point of contact for your talent, crew and technical needs, bringing together the best and brightest in the industry.

We are Colombo, Sri Lanka based, however the office expands and contracts as needed with temporary offices quickly set up in the place appropriate to your project. You'll enjoy seamless communications, technical and logistical support wherever you are filming in Asia.

Our crew are world class They are professional and experienced, yet remain fresh and enthusiastic on the most challenging productions, on and off the set. They are collaborative, innovative, passionate and capable. You'll be working with a great mix of friendly people who understand teamwork, and how to get the best results possible.

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