production services

In Sri Lanka and in Maldives

individual approach to every production

Each project is a new and different challenge so there is a considerable advantage to pooling knowledge. CFS provides location services to film and television production companies, photographers and advertising agencies each year. Our expert Location Managers have the skills to foresee and overcome any likely situations - from arranging parking to procuring a palace - and the ability to work to your brief quickly, precisely and within budget.

  • We provide production and location services for the film and television industries.

  • We support international producers and production companies when shooting in Sri Lanka and Maldives

  • We can help with finding and scouting locations, obtaining permits and everything else that you may need for your shoot in Sri Lanka and Maldives

  • We will oversee and personally ensure the success of your production

  • We liaise with labs and post facilities to make sure you get the right service, at the right price.

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Years of experience has enabled "Crew For Shoots" to provide a wide range of services to international producers. Through its relationships with suppliers and independent contractors throughout the region, the company acts as a Line Producer providing production services, handling the entire logistics including scouting, budgeting, scheduling, accounts and production support. With "Crew For Shoots" you can expect a professional and transparent service of the highest standard.

We assist with production planning, budgeting and scheduling. We will read your script and advise on the most time and cost effective ways to shoot in Sri Lanka and in the Maldives. We're known for our resourceful contacts, problem-solving skills and scrupulous attention to budget. Our services range from acting as your local liaison to providing full production services. We are based in Colombo, Sri Lanka but cover the entire South Asia. Some of our recent productions have taken us to our neighboring contries like Maldives and India.

Our experienced scouts can find any location to match your requirements. image We can help with finding and scouting locations, obtaining permits and everything else that you may need for your shoot in Sri Lanka and in the Maldives.

Our city smarts mean we know what you expect on a short timeline and our local understanding and connections mean that we won't steer you wrong in territory that is unfamiliar to you - you will always have the top crew and talent available to you.

We can assist with permits of all kinds, we know what is needed and how to get it. Timing and restrictions depend on the location but most permits are easy to obtain and can be processed in a couple of days. There are no unusual restrictions but in major city centres it is advisable to shoot on the weekends or on Public Holiday for greater control of traffic. Usually five days notice is required to block streets.

We will help you set up your production base, or your office away from home, and provide you with everything necessary for a successful shoot.

We know the best crews and will find the right people for your project. Sri Lanka Crews are also non-union. Crews speak fluent English and have some experience on international projects. Depending on the complexity of the project, you may want to get your key crew in from abroad.

Sri Lanka has a twelve hour working day for features and an eight hour working day for commercials. Anything over that is worked out on a case by case basis. Typically our producer would package a rate that is fair for all. There is no turnaround for commercials and no extra charges for weekends, nights and holidays.

We can organize casting sessions, and put you in touch with well-connected principal and extras casting directors.

We have excellent relationships with all the main rental houses and can help to fulfill your rental needs at advantageous conditions. Equipment is basic and limited in Sri Lanka. RED Epic and RED Mx available locally with ARRI Film Cameras. HMI and other industry standard lights and accessories are available. All else we bring in from Malaysia, Singapore or India – the latter being the most economical. For productions looking to bring in film equipment Sri Lanka is an ATA carnet country.

We know the best caterers and will make sure your crew get best quality tropical food and fruites.

We help with travel and transport arrangements, and can advise you on the most cost effective deals.

We assist with short or long term accommodation, from hotel rooms to apartment rentals and beyond.

We provide production and support services during your shoot, We are experienced in, and work with all customary formats - from Arri Alex and Sony Digital Cinema, to RED, Blackmagic and DSLR formats, as well as traditional 35mm film, and most formats in between.